Plug & Play

What is ‘Plug & Play’?

A more permanent installation will require dedicated services,

Plug & Play‘ allows you to plug the hot tub straight into an existing 240v power outlet.

The 536L and the 330 2L are both plug and play.

The Weekend Starter range comprises three models

• 3 different sizes and heights
• All with Seating and Lounger/s
• Entry Level Price point range
• Good level of features including LED Waterline lights
• Waterfalls on 2 models
•music option on ALL models


Item / Model330-2L536L645L
Floating skimmer111
Ozonator/Ozone jet111(UV)
Air regulator356
Gecko Y2 control (2Kw)1 (16AMP 230V 50Hz)1 (16AMP 230V 50Hz)1 (32AMP 230V 50Hz)
Gecko Easy 4 Topside111
2 inch jets181625
3 inch jets122020
LEDs (waterline)101416
Water suction112
Waterfall on/off-11
Acrylic - snow white4mm4mm6.3mm
Cabinet / CoverGreyGreyGrey
Pump1 x 2HP 2SP1 x 3HP 2SP1 x 2HP 1 x 2HP 2SP











Here are the models we stock with all the dimensions and an aerial view of the Hot Tub.



The  536L is one of our most popular Hot Tubs.


E-Brochure of the Plug & Play Hot Tubs we have available

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