Remote Pool Management

Remote Pool Management

May 28, 2019 Gossip 0

We don’t need to tell you a swimming pool is a delicate balance in terms of maintenance, water levels, temperature and chemicals required.  There is little point having a swimming pool if you are forced to spend more time maintaining it than actually enjoying being in the water. But times have moved on, which is why we are pleased to offer the technology to be able to manage our customers pools remotely.  

HTP pool

Using Astral Pool management, which monitors all of the pool’s parameters including efficiency level, filtration, dosing, temperature all in the most efficient possible way. Astral Pool even guarantees maximum efficiency and saves 50% on energy, 90% on chemicals and 50% backwash water compared to conventionally maintained.

Pool control systems have given another element to HTP to allow our customers peace of mind that a professional is managing their pool and ensuring it is functioning at its correct capacity.

We maintain the pool remotely from our desktop computer and app. Which makes managing the pool on a regular basis easy and accessible.

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