Hot Tub Buying Guide

Hot Tub Buying Guide

September 4, 2019 Gossip 0
A couple enjoying a hot tub experience with a bottle of wine
A couple enjoying a hot tub experience with a bottle of wine

Buying a Hot Tub can seem like a daunting venture, there are many things to think about when looking for the right Hot Tub for your family. Such as; how many seats you require, to the technical details, like the number of jets to the water filtration system used.

We are experts within the industry and have been providing Hot Tubs and pools to various homes and locations over the last 20 years. We have created a simple buying guide to help you research the various brands and models available to suit your needs.

There are various brands of Hot Tubs available and here at Hot Tubs and Pools we provide help and advice on all types of Hot Tubs, for your specific needs. We have worked with Maax Spas and Cooperage to name a couple of brands.

Some of the main features to take into consideration when buying a Hot Tub;

  • Overall size of the Hot Tub, to fit the area you have allocated.
  • Number of seats required
  • Number of jets
  • Number of pumps
  • Filtration system
  • Additional features
  • Audio and lighting systems
  • Warranty details


When deciding the area, you will locate your Hot Tub, be sure to consider what direction you face, if you are overlooked, how you will fit your Hot Tub into the space and where it will feature in your overall garden design.


You want to ensure the investment of a Hot Tub will give you years of enjoyment and be cost effective. The quality of the Hot Tub construction and the insulation will ensure the running costs will be less. Be sure to choose a Hot Tub with several layers of different types of insulation, which ensures maximum heat retention. Lower models lacking good insulation will ultimately cost more to heat. Another good indicator of the better Hot Tubs includes a thick, strong Hot Tub cover to retain heat while you’re not using your Hot Tub and a solid base. As well as retaining heat at the bottom of your Hot Tub, a strong base will prevent garden creatures and outdoor pests from getting inside it too.

Number of Seats

How many people will be using the Hot Tub? Will you be hosting parties? Is it just for your family? You may require a large Hot Tub, to have more room, but only require 4 seats. Most standard Hot Tubs are around 90cm high, but the lengths differ. If you’re choosing a Hot Tub with a lounge seat, make sure they accommodate taller and shorter people comfortably, as the sizes can vary.


Each Hot Tub will have a filter system to trap any grease or dirt. The jets and the circulation pump will push the water through a filtration system, ensuring the water is kept clean. Some Hot Tubs have ozonators that release ozone into the water regularly. Ozone naturally kills bacteria, so cuts down the amount of sanitiser you need. Hot Tub filters should be cleaned every couple of weeks and replaced every year.

You will also have chemical treatments to add to your water regularly, which include Chlorine, Bromine and for more sensitive skin, Oxidiser. Managing your Hot Tub water is important for your safety. Our team at Hot Tubs and Pools can give training in the required chemicals for your tub, you can also purchase the chemicals directly from us at HTP.


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